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    Dr. Ed
    since 2018


    Dr Ed are specialist purveyors of cannabidiol products based in Manchester. Formed in 2018, Dr Ed were one of the first groups to recognise the potential of consumer CBD and just how many people could benefit from cannabidiol and other cannabinoids.  Dr Ed continues to go from strength to strength within the CBD community and remains at the forefront of product development and CBD application knowledge.

    There are an awful lot of bogus products on the market making wild health claims or not containing the ingredients you expect. We can’t stand that sort of stuff whether it’s to do with cannabidiol or not. We developed our products with science in mind. Our business is based on logic and a strong understanding of the facts surrounding cannabidiol. While CBD isn’t right for everyone it can be useful in many different situations.


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    Award Winning

    We design, test and create our market leading products in our lab-grade clean room with advanced mixing techniques, ensuring smooth consistency between batches and incredible purity. We may be scientists, but we appreciate the boon that nature has provided in the form of cannabidiol. That’s why the CBD we use is naturally sourced from carefully grown Californian hemp plants. We then work our magic, turning CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes into useful, high-quality products for you to use

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    The Dr Ed Difference

    When you purchase a Dr Ed product you are sourcing products of unparalleled purity. All of our items are batch tested and created in lab-grade processing area. This means our production takes place in a facility maintained to the highest possible standard of cleanliness. On top of that, our products are manufactured using only EP/USP pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, carefully mixed with natural compounds. When you shop with Dr Ed you are getting the very best there is.

    The best since 2018

    Why Us?


    We source the highest quality CBD extracted from carefully grown Californian Hemp. This CBD is used to craft tonics and products of unrivalled purity in our lab-grade clean room.


    When it comes to CBD, quality and consistency are everything. We use a powerful mixing technique which ensures all our tonics contain exactly what they say on the label. Better yet we have remarkable inter-batch consistency so when you find a tonic that works for you, your next order will hit the mark too.


    Co-founded by Neuroscientists and experienced CBD experts, Dr. Ed is unmatched when it comes to the scientific application of cannabidiol in human health. Learn more about CBD on our blog page.


    What works for you might not work for someone else which is why tailored solutions are the best way to experience CBD. Our tonics are all carefully formulated and come in a range of strengths so you can always find something that fits.
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