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    Dr. Ed
    since 2018


    Dr. Ed is the brain child of our resident Neuroscientist and was founded on two core ideas. The first is that top-quality CBD products should be available to everyone. The second, is that our products are always formulated based on the results of the latest peer-reviewed cannabinoid research. Over the last year we have focussed on producing world-class CBD products of unparalleled purity; ensuring consistency between batches and traceable ingredients.

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    Contains 0% THC

    The Best Ingredients

    Only the best ingredients create the best final product. We use all-natural Hemp directly from California, grow by our closely regulated farmers who grow without the use of pesticides or other nasty chemicals. That’s why if you choose Dr. Ed, you are choosing the best.

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    Unrivalled Products

    As one of the leading CBD experts in the UK, we set a high bar when it comes to consistent and high-purity product creation. Our precise mixing methods ensures the CBD and ingredient concentration you see on our product labels is what you receive. We provide full lab reports for every batch we create so you can make the most informed decision about your purchases.

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    • The heart may be the engine of the body, but the BRAIN is where the magic happens. Having studied the brain extensively, CBD remedies offer a powerful way to ease your brain back into BALANCE.

      Dr. Ed Jones

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    Best products
    • Calm
      CBD Oil

      Calm, our most popular tonic, was created with peace in mind. This is a THC-free oil with a delicious fresh taste, designed to bring balance back to a hectic world.

    • Relief
      CBD Oil

      Relief has been carefully designed with the highest-quality ingredients to increase absorption rates. Our Relief oil contains hemp-derived CBD, and zero THC so you can get all of the benefits of CBD with none of the high.

    • Energy
      CBD Oil

      Alongside all the standard benefits of high-purity CBD, our Energy tonic is designed to give you a boost of energy when you need it most.

    • Focus
      CBD Oil

      In this hectic world it can be easy to lose concentration and sight of your goals. Our popular Focus tonic was created specifically to bring clarity and focus back into view.

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